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A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is one of the deepest pieces of writing I have ever encountered. It teaches total love and forgiveness in the most authentic, wholly consistent and unambiguous manner. Certainly, there are times that the words are difficult to comprehend; by all means these ideas turn our social consciousness, our normal way of thinking, on its ear! The workbook dismantles our limited, conditional beliefs and view of the world and realigns our consciousness with the Divine.

As a student of A Course in Miracles, I teach that which I am learning. Let me help you listen more deeply to the Divine speaking to you through the Course, your intuition and your life.

Spiritual Practices

Principles in A Course of Miracles:


Everything occurs in Mind.
We exist in the Mind of God. Our Self and our collective identity as the Child of God are a thought of God. God created us in His image: pure, Holy, with Divine creativity and free will. We, co-creator with God, powerful in God, with our own God-given power, had a thought: “What if we were separate from God?!” Poof! Thus emerged the origins of divided consciousness, our fall from grace and removing ourselves from the Garden of Eden. We imagine that we wander about three dimensionally, believing that we are victims of that which we made with our own thoughts. Thus, we separate ourselves from our true Power, the Spirit of God within us, and give unreasonable power to the world outside of us. We react to the world of our making as if it controls us. If that is what we believe, that is our reality. The Course offers incredible insight into our erroneous belief in sin, guilt and lack, then gives us tools to change those thoughts. Remarkably, these tools are very traditional religious principles: forgiveness and unconditional Love. In the context of A Course in Miracles the ideas take on a clarity and expansiveness as we begin to realize we are sinless! This is not just an intellectual process; it is visceral. As we shed the burden and weight of guilt, we feel lighter, free and full of possibilities. We experience a deep knowing that this is how God intends for us to feel all of the time. In this feeling and knowing state, a change of consciousness takes place that incorporates our whole Being. We begin to recognize our true Self, who we really are. We are the Child of God, limitless and Divine!

There is only Love.
As a progressive society we think we know what love is and how to love. However, most of our love is conditional. Society, our unconscious beliefs and our familial experiences too often teach us that there isn’t enough love to go around and we struggle to give and receive love freely. We fear to love. Feeling love creates a space of vulnerability which can be uncomfortable if we think love is limited. We fear, for example, that if we extend ourselves and really love someone, they will eventually leave us and we will feel abandoned and devastated. Thus we feel more fear than love. Most of the time our hearts are very small. We have moments of love for nature, for children or a pet and when we “fall in love,” but as quickly as we open our hearts in these instances, we feel fear, close up and build a wall of self-protection around ourselves to avoid the inevitable devastation we believe will ensue.

The Course teaches that defensiveness and fear block our love. The bible teaches that true love eradicates fear. Fear cannot exist where love is. Divine Nature IS love. Our true reality is divine and holy, thus we ARE love. God doesn’t’ just feel love for us while he’s busy judging and managing the universe, God IS Love. God is Love! We are His children, and made in his image, are love as well. Our true nature IS love. We are love. Rest in that space, reconnect with your Divine nature and watch the magic happen!!

Faith is true power.
We tend to see faith as the extent to which we believe in God. Faith is much deeper and more powerful than deciding whether God exists. True faith is a willingness and openness to allow God to help us to See through His eyes and accept His Will for our total happiness. Our belief in fear, guilt and unworthiness stands in the way of accepting God’s Will. We believe that we are not good enough to be in God’s presence and don’t deserve His Grace and Love much less embody it as His Child. The Course helps break down our illogical beliefs about our distance from God; the space we create due to these false beliefs. By realizing that God is Love, and that He is inside every cell of our body, every feeling we have and every thought, we increase our trust and deepen the connection we feel with the Divine. That recognition leads to the understanding that we are being invited to rest in total reliance on God.

All things are possible through God. God is the Divine loving force that keeps the planets in perfect orbit around the sun and allows a seed to effortlessly grow into a mighty oak tree! Who are we to not place our faith in this Divine loving force?! Through our faith we align with and access that very same Divine intelligence that runs the entire universe. Fully aligned in this power of Love within, we simply rest in the quietness of God’s Love and fully believe in God’s Will moving in our life. God does the work; we only need to have faith.

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