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Prayer and Meditation for Couples

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The best part of couple prayer is spending quiet time with the Lord and with your spouse. This is the time of silent meditation. This is what Jesus was doing in the early mornings on the mountainside: communing with God!! The intention of connection with God in stillness allows the Holy Spirit to heal our deeper mind. We are not able to do this on our own. Try this a few times with your mate and feel the energy in stillness. You don’t talk when you kiss! Relationship with our mate and God is passionate. Words don’t convey the meaning. Allow God to love you in silence. Feel the connection with your mate in silence. read more Prayer and Meditation for Couples

Meditation: Silent Prayer

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Meditation is very simple. Meditation is the process of quieting the mind which allows our little self, our worries and concerns, to take a break. As our mind quiets, our true Self can emerge. God can express Himself in our world. Our agitated mind is constantly dwelling on the past, reacting to some event in our world or preoccupied with concerns about the future. These worries of our fearful self, like wind on a lake, keep our mind stirred up and keep us removed from the Peace of God. Quietness is the secret to deepening the connection and relationship with the Divine. read more Meditation: Silent Prayer