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Love, forgiveness and faith are developed states of consciousness, through grace. Just a tiny bit of true faith would allow streams of miracles to enter your awareness.  What does Fully Reliant On God mean?

  • It means we trust that God is Love and that He is fully nurturant of us, his divine child, one hundred percent of the time. Realizing that God is love and that he cares for us, unconditionally, allows us to put all our concerns in His care.   He knows us and what we want better than we do.  Faith is trust that God fully loves us, right now. He wants to fulfill our deepest wish.  In fact, God implants in us that deepest desire.   God’s sense of nurturance is far beyond ours.  We are conditional.  God is unconditional.  Pushing God away because we don’t feel worthy is not an option.  Holding onto guilt from which God has already forgiven us is not an option.   
  • It means accepting that God is goodness. God is The fountain of goodness and abundance right within us.   The idea that our Infinite Creator sits around judging us is not logical.   That false idea is the projection of our own guilt and our tendency to judge.  An omniscient Parent judgmental of us?  Come on…
  • FROG means realizing that God meets us where we are. There is no duality.  There is no ‘out there’ and ‘in here’.   God is not at a    He cannot be.  The body is not ‘bad’ and heaven ‘good’.  It is not logical to think that an all-loving, omnipresent Father would be off in heaven, at a distance. That’s an old Greek, dualistic idea.  Fully relying on God gives God permission to make everything Holy right now, despite our human imperfections.  The mind-blowing Love of God puts Him squarely in the middle of everything in our life.  Yes, in the middle of every action, every feeling and every thought.   
  • F.R.O.G. is knowing that our true nature is one with God and that our true nature expresses itself as love, peace, joy, and harmony. Our ego nature is closed, judgmental and reactive.  Our essential being-our Soul- is Love and forgiveness.    Whenever we are not feeling that deep sense of peace, then we are existing in our ego self, trying to navigate life unconnectedly.  FROG is totally relaxing and letting our Father harmonize all conditions in our world while we carry out our personal responsibilities in a peaceful and loving manner.   The experience of fear and anxiety is a reminder that we are relying on the personal self.  
  • By realizing the Truth, we end our petty thoughts and desires, turning our wants into God’s wants, or better, listening to God’s Desires for us.   We merge our will with God’s Will.  This doesn’t end our existence; it just ends the fearfulness and reactivity of the ego’s thoughts.  Our ego’s wants are self-protective and indulgent.  God’s expression into the world is our true Self.     As this merging takes place, our real Self emerges, and we become who God meant us to be.  The fear of losing our identity as we let go of our will is just that:  fear, an ignorant interpretation of who we are.  That fear is really a trick of the ego to keep us imprisoned in the mindset of negativity and lack.
  • FROG is the perpetual contemplation of Jesus’ expression,  “I, of myself, can do nothing.”  The most powerful person in known history is saying that He relies on his Father for everything.  Reflect on that!  Remember, it is a process.  Faith is trust that God is leading us more deeply into that consciousness, not of our own power, but by Grace.
  • It is understanding that we are not separate from each other and from God. Our material thoughts are all based on us being isolated from the Divine.  Truly, we are the Body of Christ.  We are Buddha consciousness.   Our true Self is One with God.  A tiny recognition of this and a clear request, allows Divine Mind to heal our separated thoughts.  Ask, be patient and watch the change!
  • Full reliance on God gives back to The Father all power over our thoughts, feelings and conditions in our life. The personal self  takes no power for itself.  It gives no power to the material world, to the brain, to the body or the world around it. Calmly, we fulfill our responsibilities without attachment, fear or grasping, while increasing our trust in the invisible.  Fully reliant does not mean perfect faith and knowledge of the Divine.  It means we dimly recognize the truth of this and that we rely on Holy Spirit to heal our lack of faith.  Imperfectly, we know that all good comes from God and that anything we try to fix on our own is lack of faith.  We cannot be perfect on our own.  It’s the tiny release, like catching a soap bubble in your hand.  “Help me with my lack of faith.”
  • It means accepting that doubts are natural. Questions about God and mankind and the universe are a  natural part of building faith.  Scientific doubt and curiosity are a good thing.   Putting up a wall to God because we do not understand all the folly of the world  is not an option.    It is a lot like a child’s lack of wisdom:  “You don’t love me, mom.  You won’t let me play in the leaves by the side of the road.”  True doubt leads to an open mind asking a question, waiting patiently for the answer.  Every question will be answered. 

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