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Spiritual Direction Therapy

Are you experiencing an inner tug to deepen your relationship with God?   Do you feel stuck in your spiritual journey?    Spiritual Direction Therapy is learning to recognize the Divine in yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, and the world around you.  It is a process of becoming more attentive to these aspects of your spiritual Self and the guidance Spirit provides.

My training included a two-year internship with the Jesuits and commissioning as an Ignatian Spiritual Director.  As a young man, I lived at an Ashram for a year, studying meditation and yoga.  My own inner search coupled with a love of psychotherapy, has fueled my passion for meditation and helping others find answers and peace in their spiritual quest. 

Supervision Therapy

Not sure about your spirituality? Skepticism itself can be a powerful tool in exploring who we are and what we believe.   Agnosticism is an open area for spiritual direction; questioning and doubt help us to find answers.  There is a spirituality of skepticism and I believe it is a valuable part of the spiritual direction process.