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Spiritually Focused Psychotherapy

Spiritually focused psychotherapy addresses all aspects of the person in the therapeutic process, helping one to become whole, peaceful, loving and fulfilled. The emphasis is on understanding the inner nature of our being and allows the ever present Divine Mind to lead the direction of counseling.   We exist in God.  God is not at a distance.  It is our erroneous thoughts that keep guilt and separation real in our lives.  

Within the context of a spiritual focus, my therapeutic approach utilizes the strengths of the psychodynamic model, exploring aspects of the person from sexuality to spirituality and unconscious processes to thought control. The mundane problems that we have in our lives are clues that we-with Divine consciousness- can use to guide us ever inward.

I believe a person’s relationship to her higher Self, to the Divine, is the most powerful way to assist in allowing the self to become whole.   I do not proselytize or push any religion or approach.  True spirituality is beyond any one single belief.  My style is helping the individual come to realize their own personal connection with their inner divinity.