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We intuitively feel the power in “letting go and letting God”.  The idea does touch our heart and leads us inward.  There’s that sense of well-being as we relax into inner trust.  Ah!!!… But it doesn’t last long.  The inspiration fades as we think with our own self: “Yeh, I need to do that!  Let’s try and get that going.”  The tension of trying brings us away from trust and into our own effort.  Spirituality is an enigma.  Faith is a mystery.  Quietly, we can ‘let go’ without ‘actively’ letting go.  Effort in the process brings the focus back to the ego-self. EGO is Edging God Out.  FROG is Fully Relying on God.  We cannot do both!   One foot in the relationship with the Divine and one foot out.   On the one hand, “I better get going.  I need to have perfect faith.” The other is, “I really want to let go and rely on you, Lord.  Please help my unbelief. “    It is  an allowing.  It is trusting that the invisible is more real than the visible.  It is based on the belief that God is present and loving.    Faith is a process beyond words.  An Eastern mystic saying aimed at ceasing the floodgate of effort is, “There is no gate!  Come, let me show you how to cross it.”.    If the Master says, “I, of myself, can do nothing.”, that’s a pretty good clue that I might want to rely on the Father for everything.  There is no guilt or effort or doing that will make us good enough to enter heaven.   It’s the recognition that God within us makes us Holy, now. read more F.R.O.G.

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